Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Kerala Waterfalls

The  state of Kerala that lies on the southwestern part of the country India is one  of the most beautiful places on earth. The emerald backwaters making its  winding way inland, exotic traditional houseboats floating along these  backwaters, lush green forests, cool refreshing hill stations, the undulating  tea gardens, rain fed rivers and streams, the towering Western Ghats, and the  cascading falls make up the beauty of this state. In the state of Kerala falls are many in number  and each one has exhibits a unique charm that will beckon you towards it.
These  beauties of nature that gush down hills, crags, mountain sides will enchant you  with their gushing milky white form and leave you speechless. The beauty as  exhibited by these falls in Kerala adds to the pristine natural beauty  that the state has been blessed with. The waterfalls of the state are mainly of  two types i.e. the rain fed falls and those that cascade all year round.  The long monsoon season of the state however ensures that all the falls  around the state are gushing almost all year around.
Some  of the most famed falls of the state that fascinate and enthrall the  travelers from all around the world are:
This particular angel falls of the sate of Kerala is located in the  Thrissur district of the state of Kerala. The Athirappally falls is located at  an elevation of 120 meters and has a height of 25 meters. This fall is fed  by the Chalakudy river that originates in the Anamudi mountains located in the  Western Ghats. This falls cascades from three different points that  originate almost at the same level. This fall is quite turbulent and has a  quick current. One can get excellent views of the falls from the cliff adjacent. The wildlife that one can see around this is also great, one  may catch glimpse of the Great Hornbill, Asiatic elephants, lion tailed  macaque, sambar, bison, tigers and even lions if lucky.
the journey that one needs to take to see this cataract leads you  through mud lanes and rubber plantations of Kumarakom. This is located  at a distance of about 18 kilometers from the town of Kottayam and about 2  kilometers from Kumarakom. The astounding height of 100 feet that this  fall cascades from creates a charm that will leave you with your mouths  wide open in awe.

 cascading from an astounding height of nearly 300 feet this angelfall goes by  many names such as the white horses tailstream of milk etc. The name  Palaruvi translates directly to Stream of milk and it is owed to the milky  white color the falls takes on as it plunges down from nearly 300 feet above.  The “white horses tail” is a title given to it for fall is narrow at the  top and gradually thickens as it reaches the bottom creating a small pool. This is located in the Kollam district in a place called  Thenmala.
These above mentioned  are just a few of the many that cascade in the beautiful land of  Kerala. Many more  remain to be seen such as Perunthenaruvi,  Power House Falls, Thommankuthu, Thusharagiri etc when in the state. So when  you visit this state of beauty and splendor always remember to take a tour to kerala.